Thank you friends and supporters!

I want to thank all of my friends and supporters for the huge grassroots effort that you put forth in the campaign. We would not have had this successful outcome had it not been for you. This election proves that even if your opponent receives the endorsement of the former Speaker of the House of Congress or the Senior Senator of Georgia, it is the people who live in the district that really matter and make a difference. I am humbled by your kindness and by God’s grace I will do my utmost to represent you to the best of my abilities. I will never forget your hard work, kindness and support.

Thank You,



Please join me tonight as we monitor election returns!

I would like to invite all of our friends and supporters to drop by to visit and monitor the election returns tonight. We will be at Whitlock Grill “formerly Chicago’s” in the Kroger shopping center at Burnt Hickory & Whitlock Ave. We will start around 8:00 p.m. and have LIGHT hors d’oeuvres and HEAVY fun. I am grateful for your friendship and support in this election and look forward to seeing you tonight.


LINDSEY TIPPINS — Conservative. Accountable. Accessible.

Lindsey Tippins is a successful businessman, having owned and operated Tippins Contracting Co. for over 40 years. He brought common sense leadership to the Cobb School Board (1997-2008) and his frugal management helped to better prepare the school system for the budget crunch they are now facing.

Now Lindsey wants to bring the same kind of fiscal responsibility and accountability to state government. His extensive experience as a business owner and a public servant will provide the conservative experience a seasoned businessman can offer in contrast to a practicing lawyer.

Lindsey believes the economy, creation of new jobs, illegal immigration, and education of our children must be top priorities. He believes:

  • Government should be forced to live within its means and balance its budget
  • Government programs must be reassessed, prioritized and funded according to available resources
  • The private sector must be empowered through incentives to be able to help create new jobs that will restore a strong economy
  • The outflow of jobs to foreign soil must be stopped while economically viable businesses must be recruited to our state
  • Our borders must be secured and the current illegal immigration dilemma must be addressed with Arizona type legislation
  • K-12 education must be fully funded to assure Georgia maintains a competitive workforce

Lindsey is a supporter of the Fair Tax, Second Amendment Rights and the Sanctity of Life.

Lindsey Tippins has proven himself as an effective, conservative and honest voice of the people. Lindsey is a responsive and accessible leader that will respectfully listen to our concerns and be there when we need him most.


As we enter the final week before the primary election, I’d like to thank the many of you who have pledged your support in my campaign for State Senate. I truly want to represent your interests and values, and be the accountable and accessible State Senator Cobb County needs at this critical time.

All indications show this will be a very close race. I’d like to encourage you to inform your friends and neighbors about my campaign and ask for their support of me in this important election.

Advance Voting Locations: http://cobbcounty.org/elections/advance-voting.htm

Together, we can bring back common sense social values and fiscal responsibility to government.



Dear Friends,

In my long tenure of community service, I have never seen so many citizens concerned about what’s going on in government. Sadly, fiscal responsibility has become just a hollow expression and not a reality. Businesses are struggling, thousands are out of work or underemployed and our schools are suffering from severe budget cuts. And everyone wants answers. That’s why I’m honored that so many Cobb citizens have come forward and asked me to run on the Republican ticket for State Senate. After much thought and prayer, I am announcing my candidacy for the District 37 State Senate seat. Cobb County has been good to me and has been a great place to own a business and raise a family. Because of that I want to give back and serve in a dynamic way.

There is much to talk about over the coming months as we focus on bringing good business practices to government, a stronger education system to our children and more jobs to our community. We have significant work to do, so please join me as we tackle the issues that are of your greatest concern and seek to restore faith in our government.

Fiscal Responsibility
This is a critical time in our government’s history.  It is imperative to move away from poor political choices and engage in solid business decisions.  Obtaining a law degree and managing a successful business for over 40 years provides me with the background to understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and accountability.

More Jobs
I know what it takes to own and operate a business.  Empowering the small business owner can be crucial to bringing jobs to Georgia.  My commitment to the citizens of Senate District 37 will be to work with the business community to establish a more stable business environment and strengthen our economic base.

Quality Education
As exemplified in my 12 years of service on the Cobb County Board of Education, I know first hand how important education is to our children and how it can directly impact our community, as well as the future of this state.  You can be assured that I will work hard to provide every child with the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Always Accessible
My personal philosophy of public service is focused on respect, integrity and compassion towards all. Your thoughts and ideas are eagerly requested and greatly appreciated.  My door is always open. My commitment is to work with you and for you.  I humbly ask for your vote so that I may represent you and your interests in the Georgia Senate.

Don’t wait to join this ground swell. It’s my desire to provide more accessible and courteous representation for District 37. If you have concerns or ideas, I want to hear them. I have always had an open door policy and a philosophy of responsiveness to those I serve. Call me and let’s talk. Together, we can bring solid business practices to government.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Lindsey Tippins

Down to earth. Down to business